Deluxe Mini E Tool Shovel 3 In 1 With Bottle Saw And Pick

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E tool type shovel by Utopia Tool's
Great for the bug out bags; back of the vehicle and all preparation accessories.

1) Shovel

2) Pick

3) Bottle Saw

Folded Length: 6 1/8"

Extended Length: 161/8"

Shovel Head Dimensions: 5.1/8" x 3 3/4"

Showel Thickness: 1/16"

#50 Carbon Steel Material

Heat Treated for Local Hardness

Black color

Rubber Handle

Serrated On One Side of Shwel to Help Cut Through Packed Dirt, Roots, and Tough Foliage

Comes with the Carrying Case

For Camping, Gardening, Other Outdoor Use Etc

To Assemble:

1) Fold Open Showel Head and Pick

2) Tighten Adjustment Screw to Secure

3) Screw on Remaining End of Handle