Red Led 6 Function Flasher

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6 Function; steady light, 2 rates of flashing and 3 kinds of running lights

*Super bright Red LED up to 800 meters/2,500 feet

*Uses AA (1.5v) battery X 2 at least 200 hours

*Weight (without batteries) 32/g 1.125oz *Water resistant

Over 5,000 people are injured every year in the U.S. by motorists who do not see bikers pedestrians. Want to protect a loved one? You can - with this safety light. The light allows children, bikers, joggers or stranded motorists to be seen up to 1,000 feet away. Makes any nighttime activity a safer experience. Inexpensive and portable, all of these lights are designed to help you "stand out" in the dark and perhaps save your life. Also used on pets, dogs, horses.

Includes: *Arm Strap/(Jogging) *Bracket for Bikes

Use: child's school bag, camping, skiing bicycling, , car emergencies, mountain climbing, baby strollers and much more.