#120 Grit Diamond Rotary Kit

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Assorted shapes and sizes for your detail work. Use them to remove burrs on glass, metal, stone, wood, ceramics, fiberglass and plastic. Diamonds are nickel-bonded to the surface and are of fine to medium grit. Each has a 1/8'' shank for use with motor tools; drills, high speed rotary tools incl: Dremel Foredom, Ryobi, Sears (Craftsman) etc, . Set comes in a PVC case. High quality industrial diamonds, impregnated in nickel, grind all surfaces: wood, glass, plastic, metal, even tungsten carbide. Choose from the wide variety of shapes. Approx 120 grit. 1-3/4'' overall length. Use with a cutting oil or water accordingly for even better results.Includes: Cylindrical shapes Ball nose Cone shape square nose Cone shape pointed end Ball shaped Tree shaped Flared shape