Coarse Cut File Set 7" 10Pc

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10-Piece 7” Needle File Set. Files are used in many different situations, but are normally applied when shaping, honing, or filing unwanted flashing off of your wood, metal, plastic, ceramic or glass material project. Needle files are specifically crafted files for finish-work or refined accurate filing. This set is a perfect choice to use for small- to medium-sized filing applications.

• Assorted Shapes:
- Round
- Equaling
- Tapered Round
- Knife
- Half Round
- Barette
- Crossing
- Warding
- Square
- Three Square
• Length: 7”
• Diameter: 3/16"
• Working Length : 3-1/2"
• Hardness: 62HRC
• Coarse Cut
• Bearing Steel Material

All 10 file shapes are crafted with bearing steel, making this set durable with high quality, ensuring you won’t have to purchase other files for many projects to come. These files are 7” x 5mm in overall length and diameter, with a working length of 3-1/2”.