Gecko Stick Mat Black Car Dash Mat

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The Gecko stick mat is the most useful accessory for your car. It keeps any object in place while driving. Anti slip mat, clings to your dashboard or center console and clings to anything thats placed on it. your cell phone, sunglasses or anything thats placed on the GECKO STICK Mat will not slide off. No adhesive or magnet needed and can be place in your car, truck, SUV, boat or airplane leaves no residue, is reusable and can be washed when it gets dirty. 100% STICKY, leaves no marks Clings to any vertical, horizontal and slanted surface Holds and secures objects in place when driving around curves, going over speed bumps, sudden stops or even when doing offload IDEAL for mobile phones MP3 players, keys, glasses, pens, GPS, tissue boxes…EVERYTHING Use EVERYWHERE; car, home, office, boat, school, RV, camping…If it gets dusty or less sticky, simply wash it with water. It will become like new and 100% sticky.

Approx: 3" X 6"