Premium Fragging Glue GEL MxBon 424 20gr

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Premium Fragging Glue GEL MxBon 424 20gr NON-CLOG LIDS Equipped MxBon 424 is A cyanoacrylate bonding compound with a thick gel consistency. It is very easy to use for attaching frags of stony corals, zoanthids, and some soft corals to plugs or bases. Use it for attaching stony corals, gorgonians, and other sessile invertebrates in natural positions on the live rock in aquariums. Also for attaching coral “frags” in coral culturing; attaching frags to plugs AND for aquascaping. This superior coral reef aquarium propagation frag glue will prove most affective. This Professional High Viscosity Adhesive/Glue Made can also be used for porous materials. I.e. fabrics, porous woods, leather. Great for Non-drip application. Slow cure speed (gives time to properly set items). Viscosity 2200-3000. Shear strength 3200PSI. Temperature range from -65degreesF-180degrees F. Shelf life ranging from 2-3years if kept properly stored in refrigerator. Complete with non-clog lid.