Prepper Emergency Light/Radio

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4-IN-1 Functions:
(1) 3 LED Flashlight with 2 Functions:
- Push Switch Forward for 3 LEDs
- Push Switch Back for 1 LED
(2) Cell Phone Charger with USB Cable
(3) AM/FM Radio with Antenna
(4) Emergency Siren
Rechargeable Battery Specification: 80mah,3.6V NI-MH battery
Length : 7-1/2"
3 Super Bright White LED Bulbs
Plastic Body
Black & Yellow Color
Cell Phone USB Cable Included
Built-in Hand Crank Dynamo for Charging
Color Box

To Use the Flashlight
- Unlock the Handle
- Rotate the Handle
- 1 Minute of Winding powers 3 LEDs for 30 minutes and 1 LED for 90 Minutes
- 2 Functions:
- Push Switch Forward for 3 LEDs
- Push Switch back for 1 LED
To Charge a Cell Phone
- Plug One End of the Charging Cable in to the Cell Phone
- Plug Second end of the Charging Cable in to the Flashight
- Unlock Handle & Wind the Craft to charge the cell Phone
- Charging Cable may not work for all cell Phones
To Use the Siren
- Push the Switch back to turn on the alarm
- Push the switch forward to turn off the alarm
To Use the AM/FM Radio
- To Turn on Radio, Turn the Volume dial until a "Click" is heard
- Push the Switch forward to the Radio Function
- Push the Switch Forward for AM and back for FM
- Turn Radio Dial to the frequency you want
- Extend antennae for better Signal Quality
- To Turn Off Radio, Rotate the Volume Dial Counterclockwise until a 'Click' is heard

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