Rotary Wood Carving Chisel Attachment

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Rotary Wood Carving Chisel Attachment

Package includes:
Wood carving chisel * 1PCS
Special blade * 5PCS (V-type * 1PCS, semicircular knife * 4PCS)
Small wrench * 1PCS

Produces ultra-high speed micro vibration 25,000 times per minute touch wood, this ultra-high-speed vibrations for carving.
Can BE used on woods and plastics .

Products with desktop polishing machine, hanging mill, grinders and other machines with flexible shaft, flexible shaft drill adapter 4mm fine, absolutely safe to use, no need to worry (Ordinary small electric mill shaft can not match this carving chisel.).
Note: Please keep the speed below 12,000 rpm when using Applications: Mainly used for wood, furniture, sculpture, antique floor sculpture, potted plants, toys, figures, animals and other sculptures