Ultimate outdoor kit with binoculars, fire starter, survival hatchet, and more!

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Ultimate Outdoor Kit:

• Magnification: 10x
• Objective Lens Diameter: 25mm
• Length: 4 1/2”
• Ruby Coated Lenses
• K9 Roof Prism
• Non-Slip Black Rubberized Body
• Lanyard
• Lens Cleaning Cloth
• Nylon Carrying Case
• Color Box

3 In 1 Multi Function Hatchet:
Length: 13"
Rubberized Handle

Campers Magnesium Emergency Fire Starter:
Size 1"
Set Magnesium Rod and a striker included
Shave a small quantity of magnesium, surround it by tinder(starting material), and strike the magnesium rod with the striker. Used for emergency back packing and camping application.

11-IN-1 Credit card knife:
(1) Saw Blade
(2) Butterfly Screw Wrench
(3) Can Opener
(4) Knife Edge
(5) Bottle Cap Opener
(6) Slotted Screwdriver
(7) Ruler
(8) 4 Position Wrench
(9) Direction Ancillary Wrench
(10) 2 Position Wrench
(11) Keychain Hole
Dimensions: 2- 5/8” x 1- 3/4”
Plastic Sleeve
Credit Card Size Fits Easily into Wallets
Blister Card

9" Folding Stainless Steel Folding Shovel/Trowel:
Folds to 5" for unobtrusive storage and carrying
Material : Heavy-gauge stainless steel blade
Compact body
Comes with carry case
For Gardening, Prospector, Camping and outdoor use

Mini Keychain Flashlight:
9 Super Bright White LED Bulbs

Length : 1-1/2"