Diamond Sharpening Sticks 1"X3"

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Give all your cutting and boring accessories a superior, aggressive edge. Three layers of diamonds are nickel bonded to a heavy duty alloy steel frame for serious sharpening. Good sharpening high speed and carbide steels even and mills titanium nitride coated bits! Sharpen chisels, planer blades, router bits, and more. Includes fine, medium and coarse grits. Add an aggressive edge to your chisels, planer blades, router bits, and more Comes with three color coded grits: blue (coarse 180); yellow (medium,260); red (fine,360 Size Approx 1.5"X 3" Compare with traditional honing stones that ware away! Use with lubricant, i.e. mineral oil, on the diamond hone block will enhance performance. Positioning the item to be sharpened on the diamond hone block: Determine the angle of the tool's cutting edge, and position the tool on the hone block at the same angle ( example: If the tool's cutting edge is at a 45 degree angle, place the tool at a 45 degree angle on the hone block and push the tool away from you to begin sharpening). Use coarse for reshaping an edge. Use medium to smooth out serrated edges or nicks. Use the fine to final sharpening.