Great American Walking Stick 60"

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Length: 60” Huangtang Wood Hand Carved Eagle Head on Handle Metal Collar Removable Metal Reinforced Rubber Tip Metal Tip for Better Traction Bulk

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    60" Eagle Walking Stick

    Posted by Richard Haynes on Feb 2nd 2017

    I ordered on January 18 and it did not arrive until January 30th! I paid for 3 day USPS priority service, so why did it take so long? On January 30th I sent an email to Utopia and as of this date 2/2/17, still no reply to my email! Not the kind of service I wanted or expected. Thankful it "finally" got to the destination and in they said it was in good shape.

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    No two are exactly the same....

    Posted by Howie on Nov 12th 2014

    That's why I bought 8 of them and for the price, it's a no brainer. The Great American Walking Stick hearkens back to the greatness that America once was. The stoic, proud eagle ceaselessly gazes forward, in shame at the America that lies before him. If you listen closely you can almost hear the spirit of our greatest deceased American heros (Reagan, John Birch and Joe McCarthy) quietly weeping at the horrific sight of a Liberal America, then the weeping turns to a hushed call to "take it back", that slowly grows to a loud rumble, the earth shakes, the ivory towers of the liberal elite crumble, the illegal immigrants flee en mass back across the border, then, the sky is alight with thousands of ICBMs streaming their way across the heavens towards the liberal-pagan countries of Europe, Asia and California. Jesus smiles with pride. We've done it. We've taken America back. Thank you Great American Walking Stick, and thank you Utopia Tools. God bless you.

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    Great stick, for great Americans...

    Posted by Howard Fine on Nov 12th 2014

    I am proud to be an American. I love my country, which I have proudly served, and I love the Great American Walking Stick. My old walking stick just didn't convey the deep, profound love I have for my country. The Great American Walking Stick conveys that love, to the fullest. I can now proudly support my gentle stride with a solid 60" long stick that is not only well-built, but also crafted with loving care right here in the good old US....ah...CHINA???? GOT DAMINT U LIBERAL BASTARDS TRICKED ME!!!!!!!agafgdgsld;jkjg'

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    Posted by Frank on Mar 11th 2014

    Words cannot explain the pure Americaness of this product. I love watching liberals cowl and scurry away as I strut by with my Great American Walking Stick. This thing is built solid and would probably stop a Subaru Outback driven by Nanci Pelosi. I am positive that the mere sight of the hand-crafted bald eagle would literally cause Obama to burst into flames. A+ would buy again if one wasn't enough.